We provide end to end solutions across the entire value chain of water and waster water treatment. We have products and services to support all application areas from water management for buildings to townships, from Industrial water clarification to sea water desalination


  • Assess your current site
  • Understand requirements
  • Discuss the water quality output & applicable regulations

Advise & Strategize

  • Prepare a concept
  • Discuss and agree product specification
  • Customize design to suit specific needs such as Lifting mechanism, Variable mixing, Torque sensing, Output quality etc


  • Manufacture the product per approved design
  • Confirm all quality check before final inspection
  • Test and validate for functioning

Install & Commission

  • Install and integrate with water treatment plant components
  • Inspect end to end functioning


  • Provide steady state support post installation
  • Advise or carry regular maintenance

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Design, Customize, Manufacture and Install a High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier ( HRSCC) for a leading Metal manufacturer’s Thermal Power Plant in UP

Business Problem

  • Pre installed clarifier from other manufacturer was not working
  • The output quality of water from ash slurry was not achieved

PBJ Solutions

  • PBJ designed solution for settling the ash slurry
  • PBJ also constructed new clarifier tank

Business Benefits

  • Output quality of 10 ppm was achieved
  • Customer could run the thermal power plant and ultimately save $$ by running their metal manufacturing unit successfully

Case Study 2

Re-Design, Manufacture and re- Install a High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier ( HRSCC) at site for a leading FMCG Group in Kolkata

Business Problem

  • Clarifier from other manufacturer failed to run on many attempts due to various mechanical issues

PBJ Solutions

  • PBJ designed new drive units ,manufactured and installed these drives to integrate with already manufactured clarifier

Business Benefits

  • HRSCC worked well with our re-designed drive and allowed customer to use their plant with immediate effect.

Case Study 3

Design, Customize and Manufacture a High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier ( HRSCC) for a waste water treatment Customer from Chennai in Saudi Arabia

Business Problem

  • Customer had limited experience in handling waste water from Ceramic industry
  • Customer wanted confirmed output quality of water and considered clarifier

PBJ Solutions

  • PBJ discussed and proposed HRSCC against clarifier to suit the application
  • PBJ designed customised HRSCC suitable to handle ceramic waste water

Business Benefits

  • Output quality of < 10 ppm was achieved
  • Customer could use same size commitment with our design and save incremental project space and cost